Founded by group exercise innovator Dana Pieper, EveryBody Fitness was designed to deliver an exceptional workout for everybody and every body!
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  • Equipment

    Basic, inexpensive tools you’ll need to make the most of the workouts.

  • Kickbox Challenge

    A killer cardio experience that sculpts and conditions!

  • Total Body Conditioning

    An amazing head to toe interval training workout that gets you in the best shape of your life!

  • Exercise Your Options

    4 separate programs--core, strength, cardio, and interval tube conditioning. Customize your workout!

Why EveryBody Fitness?

  • For men, women, all ages, beginners, hard core athletes
  • An all-in-one, head-to-toe workout
  • Cardio, core and strength, all muscle groups
  • Blast calories and sculpt muscle at once
  • Fun, challenging, inspiring
  • Instructor does every move with you

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Hear what fans have to say!

“Completely transformed my body!”

“The pounds and inches fell off!”

“Different from any other workout!”

“Gets unbelievable results!”

“When people ask, how do I get your arms, I give them this DVD!”

“Has helped me feel young, healthy and strong again!”


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