10 Tips for a Fit Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving and all it brings…family togetherness, fun in the kitchen, and eating. ūüôā ¬†Yes! ¬†I love eating! ¬†I think it’s important to enjoy the Holiday traditions, but try not to regret the entire day after it’s over.

Here are 10 tips for you to include in your celebrations that may help you make it through with a bit of fun and a bit of restraint.

1. ¬†Plan your workouts for the days prior to the Holiday and stick to the program. ¬†On the “day of”–check the special program of classes at your gym. ¬†Every gym offers a variety of fun calorie blasting workouts at times that will likely coordinate with your dinner/preparation schedule. ¬†If you are worried you won’t have enough time to get everything done–enlist the help of your family. ¬†Ask them to set the table while you are gone, or put something in the oven at a particular time…everyone will surely want to help you stay on track!

2. ¬†Do NOT starve yourself all day. ¬†This will set you up for over eating–your mind will be telling you, “You haven’t eaten all day, you can have_______.” ¬†You will most definitely eat more than you would if you had eaten sensibly earlier. ¬†Select small meals of high fiber foods to fill you up. ¬†Drink plenty of water too!

3. ¬†Listen to your “full-ometer.” ¬†If you are stuffed…don’t stuff more inside. ¬†You’ve had enough.

4. ¬†With such a big meal, there are so many choices and things you want to eat. ¬†Take a minute before you scoop big portions onto every inch of your plate. ¬†Can you pick 1 starch, veggie, protein? ¬†If not–practice portion control–2 or 3 bites of what you crave will satisfy your needs, then you can go back for more of the healthier options to fill you up.

5.  Get up and move around after you are done eating.  Help clean up dishes and put things away.  Volunteer to go downstairs and fetch things, carry tables or chairs.

6. ¬†Request a group walk around the block before dessert–earn it! ¬†Bundle up (if it’s cold) and get your family out for 15 minutes. ¬†You will feel so much better moving along digestion and may opt out of 1 too many desserts afterwards!

7.  When it comes to leftovers, exercise the same control you did during your meal.  Portion out what you want to keep that will only last 1 day or meal for you and your family, then give the rest away.  Invest in some Gladware and pack it up for your guests.

8. ¬†What happens the day after the meal? ¬†The change in routine may cause a change in your workout intentions. ¬†Plan on getting in that workout no matter what. ¬†Make a deal with your significant other to trade off the opportunity to exercise, and/or workout as a family–do a DVD, go to a gym and play basketball, run laps on a track, or find an indoor trampoline center and bounce around for an hour together.

9. ¬†Short on time? ¬†Make your workout efficient. ¬†Do interval training (cardio/weights) and use compound moves (upper/lower body together). ¬†If you can’t get it all done at once, do 20 minutes in morning, 10 minutes before lunch, and 10 minutes after dinner.

10. ¬†If you feel like you can’t get back on track and you are eating more than normal, add 5-10 extra minutes to your workouts for a week to burn some extra calories. ¬†Be mindful of your out of the gym activity–walk around while you are on the phone, park far from your destination, don’t use the drive thru…these little adjustments will get your body moving again and you will feel back into the groove in no time!!