Move of the Week 7/30/12

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Move of the Week 7/30/12

This move of the week can be combined with any of the previous moves of the week to create a short circuit. The exercise is a 1 minute cardio blast.  Here is the video: video-2012-07-30-10-45-51, with explanation below. Do 15 seconds of a low squat jack beginning with your arms out in front of you and your legs together. Then either step or jump your legs to an open position with your arms stretched out to the side. Go back and forth between these 2 positions for 15 seconds. Then blast into a stationary sprint, pumping your arms and running your …

Post-Workout Snack

Another little tidbit I read in Women’s Health Magazine is that you should eat some type of protein within 30 minutes of your workout.  It will promote muscle repair and prevent your body from storing your calories as fat.  Some ideas…hard boiled egg, a mini-luna bar, piece of string cheese, greek yogurt, a smoothie, or even including milk in your coffee! 

To Cleanse or not to Cleanse…

If you are considering doing a fruit juice detox/cleanse and want my take on it…I  read an article in Women’s Health Magazine outlining the toll a program like this can take on your system.  It was very informative and quite scary! The net-net: don’t do it.  It messes with your metabolism, in addition to your energy levels and brain function.  You lose muscle, and when you start eating “normally” again, you now have less muscle mass to burn those calories–instead, it’s likely they’ll turn into fat. Thanks, Women’s Health, for truthful reporting.

Watching TV

I just read in Women’s Health Magazine (one of my favorite magazines!)  that you can burn 67 more calories/hour if you stand up and simply march in place during the commercial breaks of the TV program you are watching, as opposed to the other option of laying on the couch for the duration of the show.  Hmmm….

Jumping Rope

I know there are a ton of jump rope haters out there…but….did you know it can burn 11 calories/minute!!  Not too shabby!!  🙂

Family Videos

I’ve gotten some great videos of people doing my workouts (on DVD) with their families…including kids!  I love this!  Keep them coming 🙂


There was some great chatter on a blog about exercise videos this week, and several people were wondering if my videos offered modifications.  I think this is a great question! My workouts are designed for everybody because I do offer options.  The workout can be tailored to your needs throughout the hour.  For example, you can increase intensity by adding power impact to a lunge, or modify it by not doing the lunge at all.  Lunges are always easily modified by making them shallow, tapping your foot behind you, doing a squat, lifting your knees up to your chest, or simply …

Move of the Week 7.23.12

This week’s Move combines upper and lower body movements while engaging core muscles. Start with a light set of hand weights, arms at sides, palms facing legs. Step back with your left foot into a reverse lunge.  As you do this, raise your arms laterally to shoulder height. While in the depth of the lunge, bend your arms inwards, keeping them at shoulder height.  Return arms out to a straight position, then step foot back to standing and lower arms at sides. Repeat this with the right leg executing the lunge. Perform this 8 times on each side.  This is …


If you are like me, you have days when you are so hungry you just can seem to find the right thing to satisfy you.  So, what should you do? Well, I don’t necessarily have the exact “go to/golden” answer, but I do have some advice and suggestions, and can help steer you away from bad choices. First, I reccommend taking a moment to fill a glass of ice cold water, diet iced tea or diet soda and taking a few sips before you make your food choice. Sometimes this will fill your stomach up a little bit so you …

Move of the week

Sorry for the delay in move of the week this week.  My photographer was sick :(. I’ll get it posted tomorrow!  Stay tuned….

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