Burning calories every day….

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Burning calories every day….

I’ve written a couple articles about how to sneak in exercise and make choices that might help you use your body in a time efficient and effective way.  I saw this article and thought it complimented my sentiments.  I think you will enjoy and appreciate what it has to say.  Check it out if you have a chance. http://www.everydayhealth.com/weight/everyday-activities-that-burn-calories.aspx?xid=tw_weightloss_20111121_NL

Move of the Week 10.29.12

Carmen is my beautiful demonstrator this week.  She’s a special and talented artist and she is a loyal participant in my Kickboxing and TBC classes at the HPRec.  Thanks Carmen for your help!!! This move will work your core/abs and probably raise your heart rate as well! With your legs wide and hands behind your head, take a deep squat keeping your back flat, head in line with your spine, and elbows aimed to the side.  As you rise up to standing bring your left knee up and right elbow across your body. Return to the deep squat position.  As …

Move of the Week 10.22.12

No pictures this week…sorry 🙁 This compound move will work your lats, upper back, legs and core. Begin with an elastic tubing in your hands, holding the handles (if there are any) and creeping your hands towards the middle creating a smaller piece between your grasp. Raise your arms overhead. Step and squat your right leg out to the side while you pull the tubing down to your chest (lat pulldown). As you return to standing, bring that right knee up to your chest as your arms  straighten up overhead.  Holding your arms there, extend your leg forward, squeezing your quad, …

Baby Be Hip Article

I recently connected with the owner of the site www.babybehip.com where I frequently purchase amazing baby gifts.  She asked me to write an article for her blog.  I’m always trying to help people who have limited time in their schedules and find it hard to exercise quickly and effectively.  I decided this was the perfect topic for my article.  Check out my “Top 5 “Go To” Exercises”….

Move of the Week 10.15.12

Michelle is demonstrating my move this week!  Michelle is a working mother of 3!! While she is very busy keeping up with her children, she places a high priority on exercise.  She and I co-organize and instruct our annual Breast Cancer Charity Class, which we had on Sunday, and were so grateful to all who participated, helping us raise over $4500 this year for Angie’s Spa (www.angiesspa.org) This move can be done on any type of step–in your house, on the curb, or in the gym. Stand on the step with 1 foot dangling off the back. Bend your knee, lowering …

How to “Sneak in” Your Exercise

Here is an article I wrote on how to help you “sneak in” a little exercise here and there…hope you enjoy it! http://blog.babygizmo.com/2012/10/how-to-sneak-in-exercise-on-your-busiest-days/

Move of the Week 10.8.12

Kim is my “move of the week” demonstrator today.  She’s an amazing person with a wonderful enthusiasm for exercise.  She appears in the Kickbox Challenge DVD and is a dedicated mother and has a positive outlook on health and fitness.  Thanks Kim!! The move begins at the bottom of a stationary lunge.  In this position, you are going to pulse 3 times, then bring that back leg forward, either pulling your knee up to your chest or kicking it in front of you.  Then, return to that stationary lunge position.  Pulse there 3 times again, and then push off your …

Move of the Week 10.1.12

This week’s move is again demonstrated by an Everybody Fitness supporter.   You may recognize him from the Total Body Conditioning DVD.  He’s an avid exerciser who travels most of the week and uses the DVDs to keep him on track when he’s on the road! This is a 3 part move… Begin with a set of light weights in your hands and arms at your sides. Do a deep squat down, and when you stand up raise your arms out to the side performing a lateral lift. Return to the deep squat and go as low as you can so you can …