About Dana Pieper

About Dana Pieper

Dana is a fitness leader and innovator with a history of athletic and performance success. She has been on the move since infancy, applying her love of motion to competitive gymnastics, professional dance and theater.

Having retired from dance just as the Tae Bo craze was hitting its peak in the 90s, Dana was asked by the owners of her local gym to teach group kickboxing classes when instructors were in demand. It quickly became her passion. Over time she developed a following that found inspiration in her motivating, energetic style.

Dana’s active lifestyle took an exciting but challenging twist when she became pregnant with triplets and found herself on hospital bed rest for 12 weeks. After the birth of Hayley, Casey and Abby, she faced the daunting task of overcoming atrophied muscles, exhaustion and limited free time to return to her prior level of fitness. She rose to the challenge, developing an extremely efficient interval training approach that combines cardio, plyometric and weightlifting moves, melting fat and dramatically sculpting muscles.

Dana continues to stay in amazing shape exclusively by doing her Kickbox Challenge and Total Body Conditioning programs. She wholeheartedly enjoys motivating others and helping them reach their fitness goals. Her mantra: “If I can do it, you can do it.”

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Article: Highland Park Patch (11.29.10)
Dana Pieper doesn’t just teach group fitness classes in Highland Park, she does each and every one right alongside you.