About EveryBody Fitness

Created by group exercise innovator Dana Pieper, EveryBody Fitness delivers an exceptional workout for the broadest range of people. Whether you are a beginner or a hard core, lifelong athlete, you will find this program to be challenging, motivating, energizing and fun—one that will blast fat, sculpt muscle and take your fitness to the next level.

Dana’s instruction style is inclusive. Classes are conducted in a way that is inviting and encouraging, rather than intimidating. Believing strongly in leading by example, Dana does every move along with class participants.

The participants in EveryBody Fitness videos are not actors or professional athletes—they’re “regular people” just like you. Some have been taking Dana’s classes for years; others have just recently gotten started. The videos were shot in just one take, so you are seeing a real workout experience, not something edited to look perfect.

Join us and see what’s gotten enthusiasts everywhere hooked!

About Dana Pieper

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