What You Need

EveryBody Fitness videos use basic, inexpensive equipment that you can find at most fitness stores and superstores. Below is a list of equipment that is recommended. If you don’t have equipment or are a beginner, you can still get a great workout without it.  We’ve also recommended sources for some items we like.

Also, don’t forget to properly fuel and hydrate!

Kickbox Challenge

Light weights (2-3 pounds)

Total Body Conditioning

Light weights (3-5 pounds)
Heavy weights (5-10 pounds)
Resistance bands or tubing
Stability ball

Water bottle
Protein powder
Protein bars

Resistance tubing comes in many forms, including single tubes, braided tubes and flat bands. We recommend using tubing with handles on each side. The braided tubes are a little longer and sturdier than the single tubes.
This is the brand of products used in most gyms due to its dependability and solid construction. This site offers the braided tubing seen in the Total Body Conditioning video.
This site sells bands and balls at a very reasonable price, including packages of 3 tubes of varying resistance levels.
Another source of similar products.

Stability Balls
Your ball should be based on your height. The taller you are, the bigger the ball you need. However…the bigger your ball is, the heavier it will be.

Hand Weights
There are many options for hand weights, depending on how hi-tech you want to go: solid metal, rubber or neoprene. We recommend going to a local sports retail store and handling the weights to see what you like best. Buying locally means you won’t have to pay for shipping.
(As of June 1, 2012) Target sells a set called Body Solid Tools Package 2, which includes 3 hand weights and a stability ball for a great price—far less than it would cost to buy each item individually.