Dana answers the questions you have about EveryBody Fitness

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I’m just getting started exercising. Will this program be too difficult for me?

EveryBody Fitness was created as a workout that anyone can do, no matter their level of fitness. All segments of the workouts can be modified to match your current fitness level. All moves are presented with an option. For example, if you find a specific move to be too much using the equipment as demonstrated, do the move with nothing in your hands. If doing footwork in combination with an upper body exercise is tiring, pick one or the other. Any plyometric movement is easily modified to be low impact—listen for my cues. As you improve your stamina, slowly incorporate more of the more challenging moves back in to boost you to the next level.

How can I make the moves more challenging?

All moves are demonstrated at a low and high impact level. To increase the degree of challenge, do high impact and plyometric moves. Increasing the weight of your hand weights as you get accustomed to the workout will also amp up the intensity.

How can I make the moves simpler?

Most exercises utilize upper and lower body work together. To simplify, do one or the other. Also, choose low impact moves over high impact.

I have a history of injuries. Can I still do this workout?

I always recommend talking to your doctor before starting any type of exercise program, especially if you have sufferred an injury. Once you have been cleared to work out, listen for my low impact suggestions throughout the routines, and feel free to make your own modifications as well.

What if I don’t have any of the suggested equipment for the videos?

While the workout is designed for the equipment suggested, there are always adjustments you can make. For instance, if you don’t have hand weights, you can hold soup cans. If you don’t have a balance ball, you can do the entire ball segment without it. If you do not have elastic tubing, you can use a set of light hand weights for most of that segment. The equipment used in the workouts are great tools to have in your home for this and many other types of exercise. I reccommend investing in them if possible. See the Equipment section of this website for suggestions on where to find my favorite products.

I’m getting tired halfway through. Should I quit?

If you are unable to continue, I suggest taking a break, but do not give up. Every time you tackle the workouts, sections will become more managable and you will be able to get through them with time. Once you master the section you were struggling with, make sure to acknowledge your acheivment and create a new goal for yourself the next time you do the workout. The DVDs are meant to grow with you and your abilities and present you with new challenges to overcome as you progress. Also, make sure you are properly fueling up one hour before working out. They are difficult to do on an empty stomach because they require so many muscle groups and stamina. I suggest eating a small meal with protein and carbohydrate, or a protein bar or shake.

I am limited in the amout of space in my home. What should I do?

Before beginning, clear as much space as you can by pushing aside a coffee table or a chair. Don’t be afraid to re-organize for the hour…let it be part of your workout—pushing furniture aside and putting it back!! Plan ahead…if you know you are going to do the workout in the morning, clear your space before you go to sleep so you don’t use the lack of room as an excuse to skip exercising. If you still have limited floor space, do the moves in place rather than side to side! Or, consider a garage (minus car), basement or even outside (weather permitting) with a portable media player!

I just bought a heart rate monitor….should I use it for these workouts?

I love heart rate monitors! I think it’s important to know if you are working too hard, or not pushing yourself enough. Absolutely use it during all your exercise so you can see your progress and help you pace yourself properly.

My feet hurt during the workouts….am I doing something wrong?

I find that when people complain about their feet hurting, usually the culprit is the shoes. I strongly suggest that you wear a good cross trainer with significant lateral support. Running shoes are not the proper footwear for these workouts. If your feet are hurting, you are probably compensating for the lack of support in your shoe by gripping your toes inside. In addition, most people do not know when to get new shoes. If you cannot remember when the last time you invested in new footwear for exercising, it’s probably time!

If I am sore, should I stop doing the workouts?

Try to figure out if the soreness is due to your awakening muscles having been challenged, or if you have sufferred an injury. Once you rule out an injury, applaud yourself for your hard work, push through the soreness and continue to workout. Drink plenty of water and stretch and the soreness will dissipate before you know it!

Who are the people in the videos?

The participants in EveryBody Fitness videos are not actors or professional athletes—they’re “regular people” just like you. Some have been taking Dana’s classes for years; others have just recently gotten started. We hope that you see a diversity of people that reflect our concept of being a workout for “Everybody and Every Body!”

Will there be more videos?

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