Do it Right–Triceps Kickback

Triceps are my favorite body part to work.  You can feel them work right away–especially if you are doing the exercise properly.  The kickback is one of those moves that has some pitfalls that can put your body at risk for injury and, if done incorrectly, will never yield the results you crave.  Be sure to watch my video demonstration this week on how to execute this exercise correctly and effectively. Do it Right — Triceps Kickback

Move of the Week 4.9.14

This is a two part move that combines lower body strengthening with upper body toning.  The multi-tasking enlists extra use of your core muscles and will elevate your heart rate to burn more calories.  I encourage you to cycle through this at least 3 times.  You will create great definition for your summer wardrobe. Move of the Week 4.9.14

Move of the Week 4.2.14

Working out with a partner can be a motivating, fun and effective way to workout.  This week I ask you to grab a friend and 2 elastic tubes to perform an exercise together that will sculpt your chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and elevate your heart rate.  The trick is to work simultaneously to create the tension you need to tone the intended areas. Once you get the hang of it, you will be wanting more!! Move of the Week 4.2.14

Do it Right–Walking Lunge

The walking lunge can be a problem for many people.  They complain mostly about knee pain.  In this “Do it Right” installment I point out ways to avoid this pitfall in order to enjoy doing this exercise and getting the benefits we all want.  Watch this video so you can be sure you are “doing it right!” Do it Right Walking Lunge    

Move of the Week 3.26.14

I have become quite enthusiastic this “March Madness” season, and it has inspired the Move of the Week.  I hope you will find this cardio sequence challenging and fun!  Smile as you shuffle side to side and envision yourself making those 3-point shots for your favorite team.  See how long you can last at this–your heart rate sky-rockets and your calorie burn will too! Move of the Week 3.26.14

Do it Right–Overhead Triceps Extension

I often hear people complain when I have them do this exercise.  They just can’t seem to “feel” it in their triceps.  The reason lies in some common form mistakes.  If you are one of these people, or someone who wants to make sure they are “doing it right,” be sure to watch this video demonstration of tips and pointers to make this triceps exercise effective and yield results! Do it Right–Overhead Triceps Extension

Move of the Week 3.19.14

This intense yet simple move will tone your upper body and lower body together.  Compound moves are my favorite because they are so efficient, enlist additional muscle groups to perform effectively, and they usually elevate your heart rate which in turn burns more calories. With a light set of weights, you will find your shoulders, core, upper back and lats working overtime to complete this great sculpting move of the week!!! Move of the Week 3.19.14

Do it Right – Bicep Curl

Most people think a bicep curl is a very straight-forward exercise.  I agree, it is.  However, there are several common mistakes that can be made, and if not addressed will cause injury and not allow you to yield the results you are looking for in this muscle group.  Watch this video to make sure you are “doing it right.” Do it Right Bicep Curl

Move of the Week 3.12.14

We are always looking for a new way to challenge and sculpt our core.  Here is a simple and short series of moves that offer you an intense way to tone all those muscles and give you the results you desire. The person who usually films me doing my Move of the Week was sick this week and I had to use a substitute (my 9 year old son), so bravo to him for stepping up to the plate Move of the Week 3.12.14

Do it Right — Roundhouse Kick

If you have always wanted to do a kickboxing class but feared you may feel lost in the moves, or currently take a kickboxing class but have always wondered if you were doing things right…this week I have broken down the “Roundhouse Kick” to help get you up to speed. When done properly, this kick has great toning potential.  You enlist so many muscle groups to execute it properly, you should feel exhausted after just a couple repetitions. Here is the video breakdown…hope it will help you avoid injury and feel confident to take that kickboxing class! Do it Right …

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