Holiday Top 10 To-Do List

Here is my Holiday Season Top 10 To-Do List….Stay tuned for videos and details for each item to get you through the season with a little discipline, a little fun, and no regrets. 1.  Exercise-We all know we will most likely “out eat” our exercise at the Actual Holiday Dinner table, but it can’t hurt to get your metabolism burning and create a deficit to combat that major meal.   Schedule weekly workouts and plan on a workout the day of your festive meals as well. 2. No fasting — You may think it’s a good idea to “fast” all day …

Move of the Week — More Core!

Due to the feedback after the CORE Move of the Week, I have put together another abdominal-building series to whittle your middle!  Use this in conjunction with the previous one to add diversity and complexity to your core workouts.  You can do this sequence anywhere, any time–so start strengthening this area now to add support and power to the rest of your exercise routine as well as your daily activities. Move of the Week — More Core  

Move of the Week — Core and Legs

Are you ready for a simple and effective core sculpting sequence?  You will love this series because it not only will tone your middle, but your heart rate gets up and you will be using all the muscles in your lower body as well.  No crunches or planks today–just a great exercise you will keep in your arsenal of favorites!  Watch and do it today! Move of the Week — Core and Legs

Move of the Week — Step Up and Sculpt Shoulders & Biceps

To mix things up a bit, I have decided to use a step as part of this week’s Move of the Week.  If you don’t have a step, you can either do it on the floor, or on the first step in a flight of stairs.  In addition to your legs working overtime with the step, you will need a heavy weight to sculpt your biceps and shoulders at the same time.  With the use of the step your heart rate will elevate quickly into your repetitions and your calorie burn will kick in.  Wark hard and have fun!! Move …

Move of the Week — Total Body Compound Move

If you are looking for a great combination of moves that will tone the most amount of muscle groups at the same time, look no further.  With a light to medium set of weights in your hands this series of compound movements will target your core, shoulders, upper back, biceps, triceps, glutes, quads and hamstrings.  Yes, all those!  Get ready to cycle through this Move of the Week with me at least 3 times through and get your body toned and lean in no-time!! Move of the Week — Total Body Compound Move    

Move of the Week — Plyometric Party

Burn some calories with me this week as we take 3 plyometric moves and cycle through each one 5 times.  Engaging your core throughout will sculpt your middle, and with each blast of your legs you will develop lean, strong muscles in your lower body.  Get ready to sweat with this heart pumping sequence! Move of the Week — Plyometric Party

Move of the Week — Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps & More!!

Using light weights and moving from one exercise to the next in this Move of the Week will allow you to tone many body parts in a short amount of time.  I love this series because it keeps you moving and keeps boredom astray!  For lean and sleek muscle building in your shoulders, biceps, triceps and lower body–give this sequence a try!  Burn calories and have fun–I complete 1 set with you in the video so let’s do it together!! watch?v=ZAlX7ILS5l0&list=UUbXI0aqg7joPaeG8z7FS-RA

Move of the Week — Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Body & Cardio

YES it’s all that–and you won’t want to miss it!  This is a fun and dynamic series that will tone all those parts, sculpt your core and burn calories at the same time.  You will need an elastic tubing to complete this series and get ready to sweat.  Take this exercise at either a low or high impact level and feel your muscles fatigue after 1 set on each side.  Stick with it and aim for 3 rounds! Move of the Week — Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Body and Cardio

Our Longest Relationship

Over your lifetime, you will have friends, lovers and acquaintances that come and go. Some of them will know you a little, some of them will know your deepest secrets.  As the years pass by, I have come to really understand how no one will ever know me as well as I know myself. I’ve had instances where I knew something was wrong with me, health-wise, and had to do some serious convincing to a medical professional to dig deeper–just to confirm I was correct.  I’ve gone through infertility and frightening preterm labor complications.  I’ve had physical injuries and know …

Move of the Week — Biceps and Back

Biceps and back again??  YES!  Why?  Because these are important muscles to have strong and toned for everyday activities.  This series is different because I created a sequence that incorporates speed changes.  When you change the timing of your repetititons  you will shock the muscles even more and prepare them for the more sponateous movements required of your body on a daily basis.  Grab a heavy set of weights and attempt this dynamic series that will create lean muscle and, as a bonus, work your legs and core simulatenaously. Move of the Week — Biceps and Back

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