Move of the Week — Kickbox Sculpting Combination

Kickboxing is a great total body workout that will generally sculpt all the muscles in your body simultaneously.  The compound moves keep your heart rate elevated and burn mega-calories.  I’ve put together 4 simple moves that you can cycle through to keep your workout exciting and effective.  You won’t need any equipment so make sure you “bookmark” this exercise so you can take it with you wherever you go.  Get your arms, legs and core ready to tone and burn with this fun kickboxing sequence. Move of the Week — Kickbox Sculpting Combination

Move of the Week — Stability Ball Cardio, Outer Thigh & Upper Body

You will really enjoy this sequence, as it targets so many body parts and gets your heart pumping.  Using your lower body and some plyometrics to elevate your heart rate, you will burn calories while sculpting your upper body by lifting the ball throughout the series.  Be sure to engage your core throughout to support your body as you move quickly from 1 exercise to the next.  You should feel the burn and see results if you do this consistantly. Move of the Week — Stability Ball Cardio, Outer Thigh & Upper Body

Move of the Week–3 Part Cardio Calorie Blast

Take this series anywhere you go, any time.  You can add it between strength building sets to boost your calorie burn, or use it alone to elevate your heart rate and improve your endurance and stamina.  You need no equipment for this dynamic sequence of exercises and will enlist all the muscles in your lower body as well as your core. Move of the Week — 3 Part Cardio Calorie Blast

Move of the Week — Shoulders, Upper Back, & Hips

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that having strong shoulders and hips can lead to less belly fat.  Seems kinda funny — most people would focus their toning exercises on their core alone to shape this area.  However, studies have shown that shoulders and hip exercises will help get you the abs you want.  Here is a great hip and shoulder toning series that will get you on that track–it of course requires you to engage your core throughout which is always an added bonus!  Grab a light-medium set of weights and complete at least 3 sets of this dynamic …

Move of the Week — Cardio Chest

If you are looking for a way to tone your chest without doing push-ups–look no further.  This heart-elevating sequence will both sculpt your chest muscles and burn extra calories.  It’s fun and challenging at the same time–just grab an elastic tubing and do it any time, anywhere! Move of the Week — Cardio Chest

Move of the Week — Lats, Biceps, Lower Body & Core

Arms, legs, back and core all at the same time??  What else could you want?!  I have created this compound move that will target all these areas with 1 heavy weight.  This series will leave your biceps, lats, quads, hamstrings, glutes and core challenged and sculpted in no time!  Give it a try! Move of the Week — Lats, Biceps, Lower Body & Core

Do it Right — Standing Knee Crunch

If you are a follower of my videos or a frequent participant in my classes, you know I just LOVE doing knee crunches.  I think they are great way to tone your core without laying on the ground and with the bonus of elevating your heart rate and burning extra calories at the same time.  If done properly, they can be extremely effective at creating toned and sculpted obliques.  I hope you will watch this video to guide you in the right direction of doing them with perfect form and getting the results you want! Do it Right — Standing …

Move of the Week – Oblique Burn

I know you will love this exercise because you can feel the intended muscles worked immediately.  Toning your obliques will firm your middle and create that waist you have always wanted.  This move can grow with you–you can increase intensity with more weight, more reps, and more times completed.  Be sure to add it to your routine this week! Move of the Week — Oblique Burn

Move of the Week — Upper Back & Lower Body

This is a fantastic series that will end up being a Go-To exercise for strengthening upper back & lower body while elevating your heart rate.  Using an elastic tubing and combing 2 moves at a time you will challenge multiple muscle groups that will give you an efficient and effective toning series. Move of the Week –Upper Back & Lower Body

Do it Right –Burpie

Doing a Burpie can be intimidating, but there is no reason you cannot modify and get the benefits it offers.  Eventually you may be able to add the challenges, but until then take a moment to watch this breakdown so you can join in during your group exercise class or add it to your individual workout routine. Do it Right — Burpie

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