Move of the Week — Head to Toe CARDIO

Head to Toe Cardio!  Here we go….It’s Thanksgiving week and perfect opportunity to get some extra calories burned so you don’t feel too guilty about the BIG MEAL!  Be sure to incorporate this 3 part heart-pumping series that will make you sweat, burn your legs, and tone your core.  Don’t miss out on it’s amazing benefits and add it to the previous weeks’ sequences for a total body workout. Move of the Week — Head to Toe Cardio

Move of the Week — Head to Toe Lats

Let’s get those Lats!  My favorite muscle group to tone…creates a nice toned and lean shape in your torso and helps your waist get defined.  Using an elastic tubing (my other favorite), you will get this area into shape with a compound move-based sequence that enlists Lats, Core, and Lower Body.  The calories will burn and so will your muscles!  Head to Toe Lats, here you go….. Move of the Week — Head to Toe Lats  

Move of the Week — Head to Toe Chest

Head to Toe countdown is moving along towards the Holiday season and this week we are working on Chest, Core, and Glutes.  It’s great with heavy weights and a stability ball and with 3-5 sets you will feel the burn in the intended muscle groups.  It’s simple, effective and bound to become a favorite!  Check it out!! Move of the Week — Head to Toe Chest

Move of the Week — Head to Toe Countdown

The countdown to the Holidays begins..and thus begins my countdown to tone up and gear up for the eating frenzy that inevitably takes place. I’ll get your workouts covered head to toe, starting this,week with shoulders!!   By the end of the Holiday Season, you will be able to combine them all and put together a complete workout that you can rely on for a great sweat session and noticeable results! Move of the Week — Head to Toe Shoulders

Last Oldie for October!!  Get your serious calorie burn on with this total body sequence just in time for Halloween!!  Your core, outer thighs, and lower body will be the major areas worked and won’t require any equipment to get it done.  This was a popular Move of the Week a year ago, so I hope you will revisit it and enjoy the benefits once again!   Move of the Week — Oldies for October Final

Move of the Week — Oldies for October–Interval Compound Moves

This “Oldie but Goodie” for Octuber will focus on your Biceps, Shoulders, Core & Legs.  Your heart rate gets up with this interval move of the week.  It incorporates some cardio moves between sets of compound moves that will tone and sculpt multiple muscle groups.  I hope you will enjoy revisiting this move and incorporate it into your workout this week! Move of the Week — Oldies for October 3  

Move of the Week — October Oldies Kickboxing

October Oldies continues with a Move of the Week incorporating some simple Kickboxing moves.  Kickboxing is my favorite type of exercise as it requires no equipment, gets my heart rate up, and sculpts my entire body–upper, lower and core!  This sequence does exactly that!  Revisit this amazing workout format for a “do it anywhere” and “hit it all” winning combination. Move of the Week — October Oldies Kickboxing      

Move of the Week — Oldies for October–Shoulders and Core

For the month of October I’ll be brining back Oldies but Goodies!  This Move of the Week is one of my favorites and I remember getting lots of comments on those who tried it.  It’s super challenging for your core and shoulders and guaranteed to make your obliques sore the next day!  If you missed it the last time, be sure to check it out this week and attempt 3 sets to sculpt and whittle your middle. Move of the Week — Oldies for October 1    

Move of the Week — Cardio Stability Ball

Stability Balls are great tools for strengthening!  But did you know it can also be a useful apparatus to elevate your heart rate and burn those calories?  Here are 3 simple ways to take the ball into your cardio workouts. Move of the Week — Cardio Stability Ball

Move of the Week — Light Weights

As we workout, we get stronger and want to increase our weight load to challenge our muscles and create positive changes in our bodies.  If you think your light weight is gathering dust and don’t know what to do with it anymore, here are some suggestions…. A set of light weights can become “heavy” simply by increasing the speed of your repetitions, the number of repetitions, and incorporating them into compound movements (moving several muscles groups at once).  These technniques will once again fatigue your body and build new muscle mass.  Your heart rate will elevate and you will feel …

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