Move of the Week — Stability Ball Core Part 1

Seems like everyone is looking for good core exercises these days…so…for the next 3 weeks I will be giving you a 3-part series you can do alone, or add to the previous week’s sequence to give your core a seriously powerful and challenging workout!  The series begins with moves that use a stability ball, however you can modify this and perform them without it if you do not have one at your disposal.  I hope you are up for the ab-beating!! Move of the Week — Stability Ball Core Part 1

Move of the Week — Intense Core and Shoulders

When I gave this exercise to my personal training clients, all of them had the same reaction:  ”WOA!  That was TOUGH!”  So…that’s why I’m passing it on to you.  I’ve enlisted the help of a bodybar, which can be swapped with a set of hand weights if you don’t have access to this tool.  Not only will all the muscles in your core be challenged, but your upper body–especially your shoulders–will work over time, making the whole exercise intense and exhausting–in a good way, of course!  So…waste no more time and check out this move and build some super toned …

New Year’s Resolution Plan for 2015

Here is an article I’ve written to help you get to your weight loss goal and stay there! New Year’s Resolution Plan

Move of the Week — Obliques, Shoulders & Biceps

When you combine upper and lower body work together, it becomes a compound move.  There are numerous benefits to these types of exercises.  I love to do them because they are super efficient–hitting more than 1 area at once.  In addition, your heart rate becomes elevated, thus increasing your caloric burn while toning and sculpting.  In this Move of the Week, using 1 heavy weight will challenge your obliques, shoulders and biceps as you enlist your quads, glutes and hamstrings to execute the series successfully.  The compound moves’ benefits will become apparent to you as you hold your core to …

Move of the Week — Shoulders, Triceps & Lower Body

I love how hard a simple exercise can become simply by changing the speed of the repetitions.  In this Move of the Week, I do just that!  I take a lateral shoulder raise with light weights and combine it with a forward and reverse lunge (creating a compound move) but I alternate the speed at which they are performed.  In between sides you give your shoulders a break with some basic tricep kickbacks.  Moving from 1 exercise to the next at varying tempos requires use of your core to stabilize your body and execute the movements with proper form.  All …

Move of the Week — Powerful Legs and Core

You will want to bring this super set of exercises with you on vacation.  Together they will elevate your heart rate, tone your lower body and sculpt your entire core–especially your obliques!  Having firm obliques will create a tight waist–combine this with the powerful leg exercises in this series and your calorie burn will sky rocket and your lean muscle mass will shine through.  You won’t need any equipment this week, so be sure to check out this sequence so you are “swimsuit ready!” Move of the Week — Powerful Legs and Core

Move of the Week — Cardio, Core, Lower Body

We all love to burn those calories, right??  Increasing the muscle mass in your lower body will help your calorie burn when you are walking around in your every day life, as well as when you workout.  In this Move of the Week I give you 3 moves to put together at a high or low impact level that will build your endurance, torch calories and sculpt lean muscles in your core and lower body.  Take them on vacation with you to keep yourself on track too!! Move of the Week — Cardio, Core, Lower Body

Move of the Week — Shoulders, Upper Back, & Hips

This Move of the Week gives you 3 simple exercises to combine together to create an effective and challenging  sequence that will work your hips, upper back, and shoulders.  Your core is engaged throughout to help stablize your body as you focus on the major muscle group intentded, so the series is beneficial for multiple parts!  Bonus!  So, grab a mat, towel and a light set of weights and get ready to sweat through this unique combination of moves! Move of the Week — Upper Back, Hips & Shoulders

Holiday Top 10 To-Do List

Here is my Holiday Season Top 10 To-Do List….Stay tuned for videos and details for each item to get you through the season with a little discipline, a little fun, and no regrets. 1.  Exercise-We all know we will most likely “out eat” our exercise at the Actual Holiday Dinner table, but it can’t hurt to get your metabolism burning and create a deficit to combat that major meal.   Schedule weekly workouts and plan on a workout the day of your festive meals as well. 2. No fasting — You may think it’s a good idea to “fast” all day …

Move of the Week — More Core!

Due to the feedback after the CORE Move of the Week, I have put together another abdominal-building series to whittle your middle!  Use this in conjunction with the previous one to add diversity and complexity to your core workouts.  You can do this sequence anywhere, any time–so start strengthening this area now to add support and power to the rest of your exercise routine as well as your daily activities. Move of the Week — More Core  

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