Move of the Week — My Favorites: Chest, Core, Legs

Focusing on my favorite body parts to work, I put together my favorite exercises to tone and sculpt these areas.  I’ve used kickboxing, lunges and push-ups to create a heart pumping sequence you will use again and again and soon will become YOUR favorites as well!  This is a 3-part combination that I encourage you to attempt 3 times through.  The sweat will start to drip, ignite your calorie burn potential, and your major muscle groups will get the work you’ve been seeking!! Move of the Week — My Favories: Chest, Core, Legs  

Move of the Week — Let’s Do CORE

Strengthening your core is essential to total body health and well being.  It’s the driving muscle group that supports your every move throughout the day–from picking up groceries to lifting weights at the gym.  Most people struggle with form and experience pain.  This sequence should set you off in the right direction to establish a routine that will build muscle and stability for all your walks in life! Move of the Week — Let’s Do CORE

Move of the Week — Push ups and Obliques

Move of the Week — Push ups and Obliques You want something tough?  Well here it is…this combination will elevate your heart rate to torch serious calories.  In addition to the calorie burn, your toning and strengthening potential sky rockets with push-ups, knee crunches and glute-squeezes.  I recommend attempting this 3 times through, if you can.  You will sweat and push these muscle groups to their limit!  Go for it!!

Move of the Week — JUMP ROPE

I was inspired by my daughter Hayley to create this Move of the Week.  She was looking for a way to burn off some excess energy and she grabbed her jump rope and started jumping in the basement, then the kitchen, then the living room!  I thought…wow…I forgot how much I LOVE the jump rope and how it can be the best and simplest way to burn calories anywhere (thanks Hayley!). As a result….I created this Jump Rope Sequence that you can use as a stand-alone cardio workout, or as intervals between your strength work.  You don’t have to be …

Move of the Week — Biceps, Tubing

Let’s continue to work biceps and use techniques from previous 2 weeks.  This week we are going to utilize an elastic tubing!  This sequence gets hard very quickly so prepare yourself for another challenging week of bicep toning and strengthening. Move of the Week — Biceps, Tubing

Move of the Week — Heavy Weights, Biceps

This week’s Move of the Week will work your Biceps, again!  This time, we are going to use HEAVY WEIGHT!  Yes–Biceps are big muscles and can handle heavy weight and using it during these exercises will NOT bulk you up (women), rather tone and sculpt this area quickly!  Using the same principals as last week–altering speed and repetitions–this simple, yet taxing, combination of moves will get you the results you are looking for in record time!  Combine with the Light Weight exercises on alternating days and see those muscles pop!!! Move of the Week — Heavy Weights, Biceps

Move of the Week — Light Weights, Biceps

You can tone and sculpt your body using no weights, heavy weights, or light weights.  I always recommend choosing a weight that fatigues the muscle group worked.  If after your set, you are not feeling tired or needing a rest, it’s likely your weight is too low.  IF you are using a light weight, you want to make sure you exhaust the muscle group by increasing the amount of repetitions and/or the speed in which you perform your repetition. In this Move of the Week, I will show you how to use Light Weight and still get the results you …

Move of the Week — No Equipment, No Excuse 10

The last installment of No Equipment, No Excuse is here!  10 weeks of moves to combat every excuse you could imagine and get in a great sweat session.  Adding the weeks together will only create a longer, more complete workout you can rely on to give you results and keep you toned and sculpted anywhere, any time!  This week you will take it to the floor and challenge your core, arms, and outer thigh.  There is no better time to start your exercise routine than today!  Get going with this GREAT Move of the Week! Move of the Week — …

Move of the Week — No Equipment, No Excuse 9

Second to last installment of No Equipment, No Excuse!  This week you will have another opportunity to workout wherever you are and not have the stress of finding a gym or fancy equipment to help you.  Simply using your body weight, this series of exercises will work your lower body (elevates heart rate and burns calories), and challenge your core.  As a bonus, chest, lats and shoulders are taxed and you will find yourself sweating and worked head to toe!  Give this a try as many times through on each side as you can…aim for 3-5!! Move of the Week …

Move of the Week — No Equipment, No Excuse 8

Oh is this FUN!  I’m having a blast coming up with these, and I’m hoping that you are enjoying them just as much !  I really think you can combine each week to compose a serious calorie-burning, total body workout that will make you toned, lean and feeling great!  This week I’ve put together 4 moves that elevate heart rate, challenge your core and chest, and are simple to perform anywhere, any time!  All you need is…..a book!  Check it out…. Move of the Week — No Equipment, No Excuse 8

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