Move of the Week — Biceps, Lats & Lower Body

This simple compound move series will tone your biceps and lats while creating definition in your legs.  Using a heavy set of weights you will perform a walking lunge front and back while doing bicep curls and then do lat rows between sides.  It’s a creative combination that will keep you interested and will elevate your heart rate to burn extra calories as well.  Be sure to slide this exercise into your routine this week for a new way to sculpt upper and lower body simultaneously. Move of the Week — Biceps, Lats & Lower Body

Do it Right — Push-Up

Push-ups are so difficult!  I consider them a big fitness obstacle to master.  Once you are able to perform them correctly, they are the total body exercise–chest, triceps, upper back, core…But often times, in order to keep up in a class or as a result of doing them on your own and having no one correct you, there may be many elements that are falling short of proper form.  I hope this video will  help you.  It will show you how to push-up from both your modified knee position and the advanced toe position. Do it Right – Push Up

Move of the Week — Triceps and Core

Give this 3-Move sequence a try–20 seconds each.  Start with the first, then go through to the last, then back to the first.  That’s 1 set.  Make a goal for yourself as to how many sets you can do.  Try and increase it each day and your core and triceps will be toned and tight! Move of the Wee — Triceps and Core

Move of the Week — Cardio Shuffle with Plyometric bursts and Push-ups

Grab 2 items and place them about 8 feet apart.  They will serve as your targets for this amazing cardio exercise that will burn mega calories while sculpting your legs, core and chest.  Shuffling side to side will enlist the muscles in your inner and outer thighs and the plyometric jumps will force your quads, hamstrings and glutes into overtime.   The Push-ups are a true bonus to this Move of the Week!   Be sure to watch this video and add it to your workout routine today! Move of the Week — Cardio Shuffle, Plyo and Chest

Do it Right — Lower Abs

I hope this video will help you execute this lower abs exercise with proper form so you can get the results you want.  I have pointed out several things to keep in mind so you won’t experience lower back pain and you will sculpt your core effectively.  Check it out! Do it Right — Lower Abs

Move of the Week — Ball Squat and Shoulders

As the summer heats up, we are all grabbing our favorite sleeveless tops to stay cool.  I hope you will feel even more confident as you flaunt your toned shoulders from this simple exercise using a light to medium set of weights and a stability ball.  Find an empty space on your wall where you can perform 3-5 sets of these moves to  sculpt beautiful legs and defined shoulder muscles. Move of the Week — Wall Squats and Shoulders  

Do it Right — Lunges

Lunges–my favorite exercise.  I love them because you can do them anywhere–a step, a curb, the floor.   They are great as a stand-alone move or in conjunction with upper body work.  Overall, they are an excellent and efficient way to sculpt and tone all the major muscle groups in your lower body.  It’s a challenging move that has many people feeling frustrated if they are not aware of proper form.  I hope this video will help you identify things you are doing wrong and are able to correct them to get the most out of this exercise. Do it …

Move of the Week — Shoulders, Core, Triceps

This dynamic series will tone your shoulders, core and triceps all with just 1 light to medium weight.  The moves are simple, fun and challenging and will sculpt lean muscle mass in no time!  Give this Move of the Week a try–incorporate it in to your workouts this week and you will notice the difference in your strength! Move of the Week — Shoulders, Core, Triceps  

Do it Right — Stability Ball Push-Up

Using a stability ball to do a push-up is a great way to gain strength and confidence with this exercise.  I have decided to use this move for my Do it Right series so everyone can get the most out of a push-up while avoiding injury and practicing proper form.  Be sure to watch this video demonstration so you can “Do it Right!” Do it Right — Stability Ball Push-Up

Move of the Week — Biceps, Shoulders, Core & legs

With this series of exercises, you will tone and sculpt your biceps, shoulders, core and legs.  It pairs a compound move with bursts of heart-rate elevating moves to burn calories and build lean muscles.  Grab a medium to heavy set of weights and get ready to sweat with this 4-part series. Move of the Week — Biceps, Shoulders, Core & Legs

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