Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 1

I am so excited about this new Move of the Week series. I absolutely love to make use of the outdoors when it comes to exercise. I love to get creative and I’m constantly looking around and finding things to do in my surroundings that can be incorporated into a workout. This series will focus on cardio moves that enlist your lower body and core as well. Just step outside and try this first move that has a little bit of running and a little bit of lunging. Get after it and feel your legs burn along with many calories!! …

Move of the Week — Summer Abs 3 of 3

Are they sore yet?  Are you seeing the muscles chisel?  Ready for more?? Here you go…add this awesome and innovative combination to round out this series, completing significant work in every area of your core! Move of the Week — Summer Abs 3 of 3

Move of the Week — Summer Abs 2 of 3

Week 2 of Summer Abs!  I hope last week got you going and motivated to tone and strengthen your core.  This week stands alone as a challenging sequence but combined with last week….you will be doubling your core power! Move of the Week — Summer Abs 2 of 3

Move of the Week – Summer Abs 1 of 3

DID YOU MISS ME????? Moving into the second half of summer, you may be taking a look at your body and wondering how you can finish strong and feel great about your summer (and beyond) progress with your overall strength.  I thought I’d take a cue from my clients who all expressed the frustration with their “middle zone.”  So, for the next 3 weeks I have developed a series of exercises to address this area.  All exercises are performed on the floor and can be done individually or pieced together for an increasingly challenging Abdominal Workout.  Grab your mat and …

Move of the Week — 4th of July BURN!

In the midst of the summer heat and sporting your favorite tank tops, shorts and bathing suits….you may be wondering how you can easily target your arms, legs and core to make these areas really shine all summer long!  Wel…here is a great sequence of exercises you can do ANYWHERE….I demonstrate this with a step, but you can use a chair, bench or even a ledge and hit these spots even pool-side!  With the lower body work, your heart rate will elevate and your calorie burn will increase as you tone up your triceps and core with these 3 simple …

Move of the Week — Cardio Sculpt

Super light weights — those ones u started with that don’t seem to challenge u anymore — can be put to good use in this week’s Move of the Week.  Grab that light pair, 1-3 lbs., and do this sequence of moves at least 3 times through.  You can couple these moves with planks, push-ups or dips to add more body parts to the sculpting and calorie burning combination that will challenge your shoulders, core and lower body! Move of the Week — Cardio Sculpt

Move of the Week — Biceps, Shoulders & Lower Body

This exercise combination is unique because you will be utilizing 2 different sized weights.  The unequal weight and muscle groups you will be working present a challenge for your body!  You will need to enlist several core muscles to stabilize your alignment as you work biceps, shoulders and lower body.  The compound move will rev your heart rate and by  using multiple muscle groups you will burn the calories you want to sculpt lean and toned biceps and shoulders. Move of the Week — Biceps, Shoulders & Lower Body

Move of the Week — My Favorites: Chest, Core, Legs

Focusing on my favorite body parts to work, I put together my favorite exercises to tone and sculpt these areas.  I’ve used kickboxing, lunges and push-ups to create a heart pumping sequence you will use again and again and soon will become YOUR favorites as well!  This is a 3-part combination that I encourage you to attempt 3 times through.  The sweat will start to drip, ignite your calorie burn potential, and your major muscle groups will get the work you’ve been seeking!! Move of the Week — My Favories: Chest, Core, Legs  

Move of the Week — Let’s Do CORE

Strengthening your core is essential to total body health and well being.  It’s the driving muscle group that supports your every move throughout the day–from picking up groceries to lifting weights at the gym.  Most people struggle with form and experience pain.  This sequence should set you off in the right direction to establish a routine that will build muscle and stability for all your walks in life! Move of the Week — Let’s Do CORE

Move of the Week — Push ups and Obliques

Move of the Week — Push ups and Obliques You want something tough?  Well here it is…this combination will elevate your heart rate to torch serious calories.  In addition to the calorie burn, your toning and strengthening potential sky rockets with push-ups, knee crunches and glute-squeezes.  I recommend attempting this 3 times through, if you can.  You will sweat and push these muscle groups to their limit!  Go for it!!

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