Move of the Week — Lower Body and Core

I love getting feedback about my Moves of the Week!  If you want me to focus on anything in particular, please remember to reach out to me and I will address your needs! In an effort to think ahead to vacations and busy times….I’m trying to give you exercises that you can perform anywhere you go–weekend getaway, your basement, bedroom or even in the weight room of your local gym!  Wherever you are, these exercises don’t require any equipment and address many different body parts, so you will feel a total body burn after you complete 3 sets (or even …

Move of the Week — Bi’s, Tri’s & Outer Thighs!

Another easy exercise to perform anywhere you go.  Take your — always portable — elastic tubing and tone your biceps, triceps and outer thighs.  Everyone wants these highly visible body parts to be tight and sculpted and this combination of moves will achieve that goal.  While the exercises are not complex, the way I’ve put them together will challenge the muscle groups beyond their comfort zone and get you sweaty and satisfied! Move of the Week — Bi’s, Tri’s & Outer Thighs!

Move of the Week — Medicine Ball

Total Body Medicine Ball!  It’s been a while since we’ve used a Medicine Ball in the Move of the Week, so to mix it up a bit and get you interested in working your body in different ways, that will be the equipment you will need this week!  This calorie bursting combination is a great way to work shoulders, core, legs and chest.  The exercises are simple but are challenging as a group to get you the results you are looking for and provide you with a go-to workout you can do any time with any other Moves of the …

Move of the Week — Biceps, Shoulders & Lower Body Intense

As you head in to the Fall Holidays I want to up your intensity in your workouts to prepare you for any “over enjoying” damage you may encounter.  To start you off, we are going to work your Biceps, Shoulders and Lower Body in this Move of the Week.  Core muscles will inevitably activate and tone, so make sure you tune into your center to keep you stable during this challenging combination.  You will use just a light set of weights week…but don’t be fooled by the light weight!! This series of moves will tone up your biceps, shoulders, core …

Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 3

Here you go with PART 3!!!!!!! It’s the end of the summer and no better time to get your body moving outdoors.  This last combination of moves will challenge your inner thighs, core and quads all while elevating your heart rate and burning calories.  If you take this and add it to the last 2 weeks, you will have a great outdoor workout you can rely on anytime and anywhere! Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 3

Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 2

Keep yourself in good spirits by continuing to get your exercise done outside.  The sunshine, the sweat and of course the MOVES will really round off your summer with a positive attitude and a great body too!  This week continues my cardio and lower body exercise circuit.  Return to the same spot you did last week’s and add this great combination onto it and you will get some great outer thigh sculpting!!! Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 2

Move of the Week — Outdoor Cardio 1

I am so excited about this new Move of the Week series. I absolutely love to make use of the outdoors when it comes to exercise. I love to get creative and I’m constantly looking around and finding things to do in my surroundings that can be incorporated into a workout. This series will focus on cardio moves that enlist your lower body and core as well. Just step outside and try this first move that has a little bit of running and a little bit of lunging. Get after it and feel your legs burn along with many calories!! …

Move of the Week — Summer Abs 3 of 3

Are they sore yet?  Are you seeing the muscles chisel?  Ready for more?? Here you go…add this awesome and innovative combination to round out this series, completing significant work in every area of your core! Move of the Week — Summer Abs 3 of 3

Move of the Week — Summer Abs 2 of 3

Week 2 of Summer Abs!  I hope last week got you going and motivated to tone and strengthen your core.  This week stands alone as a challenging sequence but combined with last week….you will be doubling your core power! Move of the Week — Summer Abs 2 of 3

Move of the Week – Summer Abs 1 of 3

DID YOU MISS ME????? Moving into the second half of summer, you may be taking a look at your body and wondering how you can finish strong and feel great about your summer (and beyond) progress with your overall strength.  I thought I’d take a cue from my clients who all expressed the frustration with their “middle zone.”  So, for the next 3 weeks I have developed a series of exercises to address this area.  All exercises are performed on the floor and can be done individually or pieced together for an increasingly challenging Abdominal Workout.  Grab your mat and …

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