Move of the Week — CORE 4

Transitioning to the high plank is a great way to increase the challenge of this simple yet effective core toning exercise. This MOW goes from high plank to low plank to give you the idea of what you need to engage to utilize this new position as a core strengthening exercise.

Move of the Week — CORE 3

Grab your LARGE STABILITY BALL for the Move of the Week this week!  It’s core + big tools = major toning!  You will feel the burn immediately after using this ball with the plank format.  When you challenge the body this way you should feel stronger instantly.  

Move of the Week — CORE 2

Continue to use the plank and increase the difficulty by adding in some simple tools.  Using a soft small ball or yoga block will force your body to engage multiple muscle groups and increase the toning potential of your plank.  Be sure to breathe throughout and repeat the plank increasing holding duration each time.  

EveryBody Fitness — Move of the Week RETURNS!!! — CORE 1

Move of the Week Returns with a Long series of Core Plank exercises for the next several weeks. This video begins with the basics and every week I will be increasing options and difficulty to challenge and tone your core!      

Move of the Week — Triceps & Hips Stretch

Don’t leave off these 2 very important stretches when you take the time to unwind after your workouts.  Relieving the tension and work you have done to your triceps and hips is essential to your routine.  You want to continue to have full range of motion in your arms and stretching your triceps will help your achieve this.  In addition, hips can get very tight from sitting and lateral motions in your everyday life and workouts.  You don’t want to feel restricted in this area and have additional complications from tightness.  Stretch your Tris and Hips today! Move of the …

Move of the Week — March Stretch Calves & Chest

It’s just as important to stretch your muscles for recovery and repair as it is to strengthen them!  For March I will be giving you essential stretches to include into your workout routine to maintain your range of motion and relieve discomfort from tightness.  This week–Calves and Chest! Move of the Week — March Stretch Calf/Chest

Move of the Week — Stretching Quads and Shoulders

Continuing to stretch our hard-worked muscles is the goal for March and this week I demonstrate 2 ways to lengthen your quads from all the squatting, lunging and jumping.  In addition, I’ll get your shoulders relief with 2 easy stretches!  Be sure to include at the end of your workout today! Move of the Week — Stretching Quads and Shoulders  

Move of the Week — Cardio Core Kickboxing

Last Cardio Core of the Month!  All 3 weeks should set you up for a big calorie burn and beautiful Abs!  What this week brings to the table is KICKBOXING moves!  Yay!  I think these moves are fun, effective and they help you punch and kick out any stress and anxiety you have.  Put on some music and get inspired as you sweat through this series and get the results you are seeking! Move of the Week — Cardio Core Kickboxing    

Move of the Week — More Cardio Core

This second installment of your February full of Cardio and Core based moves will be fun and challenging.  Dynamic moves will elevate your heart rate and burn calories, and focusing on obliques during your execution will target the core and tone and sculpt that area.  Be sure to try this with last week’s Move of the Week to build a great workout guaranteed to get you results. Move of the Work – More Cardio Core

Move of the Week — Cardio Core Fun 1

I’m SUPER excited to Re-Launch my Move of the Week!  Let’s kick it off with the Theme of FITNESS IS FUN  in FEBRUARY!  Fitness is always fun…but this February I’m putting together active moves that will elevate your heart rate and tone and sculpt your core.  Burning calories and strengthening in your core???  What more could you ask for in 2017??  Get started today with this Cardio/Core Combination that will get you sweating, smiling and sculpted! Move of the Week — Cardio Core Fun 1

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