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Experience the rush and the results of the EveryBody Fitness program at home, on the road…wherever you are. It’s like having Dana on demand! Videos are available in DVD format and the latest release is available as a Download!!

Exercise Your Options

Customize Your Workout! Choose from four great programs, or mix and match!

Exercise Your Options DVD

This incredible DVD includes 4 separate programs that can be mixed and matched to create a workout that is just what you need, every day. There is minimal equipment required and each program is efficient and challenging for exercisers at every level of fitness. The DVD contains the following :

Concentrated Core (20 minutes)

This workout will challenge and sculpt your abdominal wall. Standing exercises as well as isometric and crunch floor combinations will tighten and shape your core.

Simply Strength (30 minutes)

Work every muscle group using one heavy weight and a set of light hand weights. Elevate your heart rate as you build lean muscle with moves that work lower and upper body together.

Cardio Quick Fix (40 minutes)

Get ready to sweat! This quick workout gets your heart pumping and burns calories. The fun cardio routine includes plyometrics, kickboxing, squats and lunges and more.

Interval Tube Conditioning (50 minutes)

Using nothing but elastic tubing, this killer routine delivers a head to toe workout and burns mega calories. Alternate between innovative cardio-based and strength-focused segments. Perfect for your business trip or vacation.

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Kickbox Challenge

A killer cardio experience that sculpts and conditions!

Kickbox Challenge DVD

Build power and endurance with this fun, high energy program that burns calories by incorporating kicks, punches and core strength moves. This is not your run of the mill routine! Dana cleverly mixes jabs, upper cuts, hooks, roundhouse kicks and more with fleet footwork in a way that engages your body and mind. Low and high impact options offer challenges for people at all levels of fitness. Even incorporate light hand weights for added sculpting. You’ll get addicted to the adrenaline rush!

“I cannot attribute how good I feel these days to anything but the stamina and excitement these classes have brought to me!”

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Total Body Conditioning

An amazing head to toe workout gets you in the best shape of your life!

Total Body Conditioning DVD

This complete 60 minute interval workout is all you need to achieve a new level of fitness! Strength and cardio segments combine low impact, high impact, kickboxing and plyometric moves using light and heavy weights, resistance bands and a stability ball. Blast fat, strengthen and tone muscles and feel incredible vitality from this all-in-one program.

“Total Body Conditioning has transformed my body. People ask me all the time: how do I get your arms? This workout is how!”
Michelle R., 40

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