Do it Right

Do it Right — Chest Press with Elastic Tubing

The handled tubing is a great, portable piece of equipment that you can use to tone and scuplt all areas of your body.  However if you don’t perform the moves with correct form and technique you will not get the results you are looking for.  This week I am demonstrating the chest press with the tubing to help you Do it Right.  Be sure to watch the video and watch your chest become leaner and stronger. Do it Right — Chest Press with Elastic Tubing

Do it Right — Dead Lift

The dead lift is an exercise that seems to be very confusing for many people.  This is why I thought it would be a great addition to my Do it Right series.  The intention of the dead lift is to tone your glutes and hamstrings.  If done correctly, you will feel these areas worked and see results quickly.  Take a look at this video to make sure you are Doing it Right.  🙂 Do it Right — Dead Lift

Do it Right — Side Lunge

Many people are unfamiliar with the Side Lunge and are confused as to how it differs from a squat.  This week I have provided a video demonstration of the Side Lunge to point out proper form and explain which muscle groups you should focus on to get the most out of this move. Do it Right — Side Lunge

Do it Right–Ball Crunches

The ball crunch is an amazing way to tone your core.  It’s an exercise, that if done properly, you will feel immediately.  As simple as the ball crunch may sound, it actually is easy to perform incorrectly and cause back pain, or create no results at all.  Take a moment to watch this week’s “Do it Right” and get the most out of this move!! Do it Right — Ball Crunch

Do it Right–Lat Pulldown with Elastic Tubing

I use the handled elastic tubing all the time.  It’s a wonderful tool that can be utilized in so many ways.  I frequently see mistakes in my clients when performing exercises with it,  that if addressed and corrected, will help them see and feel the muscle groups tone up they way they desire.  This lat pulldown with the elastic tubing is extremely effective, but you need to “do it right.”  Be sure to watch this video so you can see the results you want from this move, more rapidly. Do it Right — Lat Pulldown with Elastic Tubing

Do it Right — Squat

I think this is one of the most incorrectly performed exercises.  I love this move and think with some simple tips, everyone can Do it Right.  Check out the video demonstration so you can work your glutes, hamstrings and quads without compromising your knees!! Do it Right — Squat

Do it Right — Punches

I love cardio kickboxing!  Punching and kicking gets my heart rate going, my body parts toned and I get out all my aggression!  I use boxing moves in almost all of my class formats.  I see many people struggle with the correct way to punch, and therefore they may not be seeing or feeling the results they want.  Therefore, I have chosen to break down the punching movement so everyone can check if they are falling victim to some common mistakes.  When executed properly, a punch will tone beautiful arms and not cause you any pain in unwanted areas.  Please …

Do it Right–Triceps Kickback

Triceps are my favorite body part to work.  You can feel them work right away–especially if you are doing the exercise properly.  The kickback is one of those moves that has some pitfalls that can put your body at risk for injury and, if done incorrectly, will never yield the results you crave.  Be sure to watch my video demonstration this week on how to execute this exercise correctly and effectively. Do it Right — Triceps Kickback

Do it Right–Walking Lunge

The walking lunge can be a problem for many people.  They complain mostly about knee pain.  In this “Do it Right” installment I point out ways to avoid this pitfall in order to enjoy doing this exercise and getting the benefits we all want.  Watch this video so you can be sure you are “doing it right!” 🙂 Do it Right Walking Lunge    

Do it Right–Overhead Triceps Extension

I often hear people complain when I have them do this exercise.  They just can’t seem to “feel” it in their triceps.  The reason lies in some common form mistakes.  If you are one of these people, or someone who wants to make sure they are “doing it right,” be sure to watch this video demonstration of tips and pointers to make this triceps exercise effective and yield results! Do it Right–Overhead Triceps Extension

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