Do it Right

Do it Right – Bicep Curl

Most people think a bicep curl is a very straight-forward exercise.  I agree, it is.  However, there are several common mistakes that can be made, and if not addressed will cause injury and not allow you to yield the results you are looking for in this muscle group.  Watch this video to make sure you are “doing it right.” Do it Right Bicep Curl

Do it Right — Roundhouse Kick

If you have always wanted to do a kickboxing class but feared you may feel lost in the moves, or currently take a kickboxing class but have always wondered if you were doing things right…this week I have broken down the “Roundhouse Kick” to help get you up to speed. When done properly, this kick has great toning potential.  You enlist so many muscle groups to execute it properly, you should feel exhausted after just a couple repetitions. Here is the video breakdown…hope it will help you avoid injury and feel confident to take that kickboxing class! Do it Right …

Do it Right — Lat Pulls

This week I’m breaking down the Lat Pull using heavy free weights.  This is a very effective move that will tone that stubborn area if done correctly.  Take a look at my YouTube Channel link to see how to avoid common mistakes and perform this exercise to its maximum potential. Do it Right 3.3.14

New Series: Do It Right – Bicycle Abs

I’m so excited to offer this new series “Do it Right.”  I truly hope it will be helpful and I am eager to get your feedback and requests for next week’s installment. This week I’m breaking down the “bicycle abs” exercise.  My video will give you pointers on your form to help avoid back pain or other issues you may experience when doing this move. Do it Right 2.24.14

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