Say Hello to the Gym and Goodbye to Winter Blues — Sally Writes

The Following is an article written by guest author Sally Writes.  I hope you enjoy her advice and information! With Jack Frost nipping at your nose, do you find yourself feeling down? If you find it hard to wake up during the winter months, or feel anxious and depressed around the time of snow, you may be suffering from the Winter Blues.   As a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the winter blues manifests in the form of low mood, depression, and exhaustion that is associated with the lack of sunlight. It’s extremely common across the world, but you don’t …


Honestly… I’m scared. Of what?  Well…the more I thought about it, the more I discovered how complicated and layered the answer was.  What if the surgery doesn’t work? What if he doesn’t fix all the issues and a new one starts? How much pain am I going to experience? How am I going to function using only my left arm when I’m right-handed? How long until I can exercise a little? If I exercise will I compromise my healing progress? How am I going to manage my weight without being able to move much? (yes that sounds selfish, but it’s …

An Uncertain Road Ahead

It was the summer of 1990.  I just finished my freshman year at University of Michigan.  I moved back into my parent’s house and started my journey towards becoming a professional dancer.  I dreamed of being a part of a Chicago dance company that I had grown up watching on the big stages of the city.  I loved their choreography, the dancers, the vibe of the company.  I auditioned to become a summer student apprentice to train with the members and observe their rehearsals.  What an opportunity!!! I was accepted!  I was officially on the path I wanted in order …

Hip Health

The Best Exercises for Hip Pain If you experience chronic hip pain, you’re not alone. Problems stemming around the pelvic area are more common a complaint than you might think, especially among older adults and senior citizens. The most common cause of long-term hip pain in adults is osteoarthritis, though discomfort in the region can also be the result of accidents or injuries, bone fractures, infections, and more. Not only will working out once or twice a day help to alleviate painful symptoms in the pelvic area, but it can also reduce the risk of future problems. In a 2013 study published …

Seniors and Exercise: Where and How?

I was approached by a woman who wanted to get the word out there to the Senior Population on ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Sally is a former nutritionist and gym instructor.  She recently had an experience with her mother and how she could manage her persistent problems with her blood pressure.  She found that this issue continued to worsen with age, a common circumstance with this condition.  Together with her doctors she devised a simple diet and exercise routine which helped keep her blood pressure under control.  She wanted to share her research with the general …

New Year’s Resolution Plan for 2015

Here is an article I’ve written to help you get to your weight loss goal and stay there! New Year’s Resolution Plan

CBS Morning Show

I was so excited to have the opportunity to appear on the CBS Chicago Morning Show this Saturday.   I shared my tips and ideas for new moms to kick start an active and healthy lifestyle.  I will add more information to this topic in the coming days, but hopefully you will enjoy what this segment has to offer. CBS


I wrote this article for and thought I’d share my tips for having a fun, healthy and active vacation at home! Staycation

2013 Holiday Gifts

Check out this amazing list of Holiday Gifts to give you loved ones or to request for yourself!!  I wrote it for  Hope you enjoy!! She Now Holiday Gift Guide by Dana Pieper

21 Ways to Sneak in “Exercise” During your Routine Day

My “To Do Tuesdays” have been so much fun for me.  I have enjoyed coming up with ways to get more active and productive during the day.  I have been doing all of them myself and hope you have put them into play as well. I wrote an article for MOMeo Magazine that incorporates many of my “To Do Tasks” as well as several new ones! Please take a look at the fun list and share it with your friends and family!! MOMeo Magazine 21 Ways… Thanks!  

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