Hey Runners….

This summer I shared with you my experience with a 4-mile race.  To recap…I hadn’t participated in a race in 8 years.  I currently am only going for a short 3-4 mile run 1 time a week, and the rest of the week I am teaching/doing my classes.  Much to my surprise I ran that race faster than I’ve ever run and came in 2nd in my age group. The other day a woman who has been taking my classes weekly for the past year approached me with her story….On Thanksgiving she decided to run in the “Turkey Trot”–which is a …


So happy to hear some first hand feedback about total body conditioning…someone approached me after class today to purchase my DVDs.  She told me that of all the workouts she’s ever tried, including working one on one with a trainer,  there was nothing else like this workout.  She has been taking the class for almost 3 months and has had noticeable results, and her body is responding rapidly! Congratulations! Good work!


I had to share with you my running success….I experienced first hand the endurance benefit and strength benefit of these workouts outside of the gym! I was asked by the Recreation Center of Highland Park to teach the warm up for their annual Firecracker 4 Race (4 miles/4th of July).  I agreed, of course, and for fun, decided to run the race!  I have not run a race since 2004 where I ran a 10k in California right before I became pregnant with my triplets.  I occasionally will go for a short (2-3) mile run on my day off from …