Don’t Out-Eat your Exercise

I have been approached by at least 10+ people since the beginning of the year/post-holiday indulging about their need to get “back in shape/on track.”  GREAT PLAN!  Obviously, I’m behind that 100%!

I do know that weaning yourself off the treats and bigger meal portions can be hard–your body got used to it and now you are going to have to go through a little transitional period to find your appropriate and balanced zone again.

You will be hungry…pick your snacks wisely!  Here’s where “out-eating” your exercise comes into play.  This is where most people remain stagnant in their efforts to lose weight.  You can get the mentality that “I worked out today, I can eat __!”  (I’ve fallen victim to this too, so you are not alone)  Truth is, if you want to lose, you have to burn off more than you are consuming…simple math 🙂  It’s work!

Be honest with yourself….find those times that you are sneaking a bite here and there, maybe finishing off your child’s plate, drinking your calories in a large sweet coffee, etc.  Those calories are hard to find, but if you are not losing and you are working out hard, chances are you need to take a close look at your food intake.

Keeping a food journal of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth will force you to become aware of your habits…good and bad, and will also demonstrate where and when you are having problems staying on track.

I’ve said before, I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist, but I can give you some of my personal tricks:

*Only buy items for your home that you will want to eat yourself.  If you have kids, try and avoid buying foods that they eat and that you would want to treat yourself with, even though you know they are bad choices.  If they are bad choices for you, they are probably bad choices for your kids too!

*Drink lots of fluids throughout the day, and opt for beverages without any calories or added sugar.

*Plan ahead…if you know you are going to be busy or out from your home all day, bring healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, nuts) with you until you have time to sit down and eat a meal.  Otherwise, pack your lunch!

*Set a cut off time for eating….nothing after 8pm except water.  (that’s an example, you can choose a different time 🙂 )

*The most fun thing about taking on a new goal is your rewards–I always say to treat yourself to something as you attain each of your achievements along the way!!