Full Workout at Home with No Gym Equipment Required!!

Want to workout on Thanksgiving (or any Holiday, or any day actually) but can’t leave the house??  Use your home as a fun interactive workout facility!  You can do this with your family and actually plan it together.  It’s a great way to get in exercise, have fun and pass the time quickly–all while burning serious calories!!

Start by selecting 10 areas of your home that you will use.  Each room will have a different exercise in it.   Every other room will alternate hosting a cardio exercise with a strength based exercise.  You will do that exercise in each room for 1 min 45 seconds and only have 15 seconds to transition to the next room–so move quickly :).  Bring a kitchen timer or your phone with you and use the timer function on it to keep track of time.  If you are doing this as a family–whoever is watching the time will need to shout “switch!” when time is up 🙂

The following is an example you can use.  Cycle through it at least once.  If you can go through it more than one time, the second time shave down the time in each room to 45 seconds, with a 15 second transition.

Room 1:  Stairs–Go up/down (you may run up/down, skip a step, walk up/down)

Room 2: Kitchen–Push-ups onto counter (second time around, you can put feet on a kitchen chair and do the push-ups in the decline position)

Room 3:  Living Room–Shuffle side-side the length of the couch

Room 4:  Downstairs Hallway–Walking lunges with knee raise 1 end to other, back and forth while doing bicep curls with soup cans or bottled water/Gatorade

Room 5:  Basement–10 jumping jacks 5 burpies (go back/forth until time is up)

Room 6:  Laundry Room–Squat with a shoulder press using a gallon of water

Room 7:  Upstairs hallway–Set up socks or books in a line from 1 end to the other.  Jump or high step over each one, then run/walk back to starting position.  Continue going back/forth

Room 8:  Office or Desk Area–Using a chair, alternate 15-20 triceps dips with 15-20 toe-taps off edge of seat, crunching your abs in/out to do the work

Room 9:  Master Bedroom–Jog in place 10 counts, do high knees 10 counts, tap ground side-side 10 counts

Room 10:  Other Bedroom–Hold high plank 10 seconds, do 10 push-ups, hold side plank on right side 10 seconds, do 10 mountain climbers, hold side plank on left side 10 seconds