“Mom, look at my plate!”

Color your plate

I’m always trying to introduce new foods to my kids….they say that you need to give them something 10 times before they take to it.  Seems kinda ridiculous, and by the 3rd time I’m ready to throw in the towel, but I do try 🙂

Just like with exercise, modeling healthy eating will create lifelong habits that your family will benefit from in many ways.  One simple thing I do with my kids is tell them to look at their plate and tell me if it’s colorful or not.  If it’s not that colorful, maybe we can pick something to add to it, and that “thing” is usually a healthy choice.

This happened last night…wish I took a picture of them!!  They were so excited because they chose a colorful plate on the first try and they had a blast “erasing” all the colors!!