Move of the Week 10.22.12

No pictures this week…sorry ūüôĀ

This compound move will work your lats, upper back, legs and core.

Begin with an elastic tubing in your hands, holding the handles (if there are any) and creeping your hands towards the middle creating a smaller piece between your grasp.

Raise your arms overhead.

Step and squat your right leg out to the side while you pull the tubing down to your chest (lat pulldown).

As you return to standing, bring that right knee up to your chest as your arms  straighten up overhead.  Holding your arms there, extend your leg forward, squeezing your quad, and then bending it again.

Drop back to your squat/lat pulldown position, starting the series over again.  Do this 15 times on this side.

The exercise repeats on the other side, performing the same lower body sequence.¬† The arms change into an upper back exercise…Arms extend in front of you, and as you step out to the left and do your squat, you will pull equally with both arms straight, backwards–pinching your shoulder blades together.¬† As you rise up and your left knee comes up to your chest, you release this position and return to arms out in front of you.¬† Do this series on this side 15 times.

Complete 3 full cycles.