Move of the Week 10.29.12

Carmen is my beautiful demonstrator this week.  She’s a special and talented artist and she is a loyal participant in my Kickboxing and TBC classes at the HPRec.  Thanks Carmen for your help!!!

This move will work your core/abs and probably raise your heart rate as well!

With your legs wide and hands behind your head, take a deep squat keeping your back flat, head in line with your spine, and elbows aimed to the side.  As you rise up to standing bring your left knee up and right elbow across your body.

Return to the deep squat position.  As you rise up to standing again, bring your left knee out to the side and your left elbow attempts to meet it, crunching into your oblique.

That completes 1 repetition.  Continue using the left knee for 10 repetitions.

Before you switch sides, you can do 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks, running in place, or power squats as an option.

Do this move 3 full sets on each side.