Move of the Week 10.3.13

This week you will need a light set of weights and the emphasis of the sequence will be shoulders, upper back, legs, core and a cardio bonus.
Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your weights in your hands at your sides, perform a squat as you reach your arms out in front of you, palms facing each other, using your shoulders and core to stabilize you.  Then, as you rise up, bring your right knee to your chest and open your arms out to the side.  Next, return your arms to their previous position in front of you as you lower your leg back into a squat position.  Last, lower your arms to your sides and straighten back up to standing.
You will then repeat this sequence using the left knee.  Go back and forth between the two sides 10 times.
Then–as a cardio boost, you will set the weights on the floor about hip distance apart.  Step between them.  If you are a low-impact person–step your feet one at a time to the outside of the weights, then return them to the middle.  If you are a high-impact exerciser–jump your feet to the outside of the weights, then jump back in between.  Do this for 30 seconds.
Once you have completed the two exercises, you have done 1 set.  Attempt 3-5 sets.