Move of the week 11.19.12

Grab a friend, a sister, brother, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, stranger, or even a stationary object like a pole, column, or railing for this move of the week.

Take an elastic tubing and wrap it around the waist of your “partner” as you hold the ends or handles of the tubing.  As you face each other, step away from one another until you find your desired tension…the further away you are from each other, the harder the exercise will be.

The person with the tubing around their waist will sit back into their heels and stay low in a seated squat position.  The one with the handles will also be in a low seated squat position, but will also be pulling the tubing, thumbs up and elbows close to their body, using lats as the primary muscles used.


Continue to perform the lat pulls 15 times, extending your arms out straight  (picture doesn’t show it well, sorry) and then all the way back towards your body.

After 15 reps, have the partner turn away from you, placing the tubing low around their hips (not stomach!).   As you step back, sit in that low squat position, and have your partner literally run forward…you are holding them back from moving forward.  Make sure they don’t “pretend” to run…really run, knees high for 30 seconds.

Now, switch roles.  Continue to go back and forth at least 3 times through.

A little cardio, a lot of back, and a ton of fun!!

If you are doing this with a stationary object…when you get to the “running” part, turn your back towards the “tethered” object and hold the tubing handles at your waist.  Now you run forward!  It totally works 🙂