Move of the Week 11.26.12

Ok…so you’ve survived the Holiday week…now it’s time to plow back into your workouts (if you haven’t already done so.)  This move is a lower body and cardio burst that you can add to any workout.  Cheryl is my demonstrator this week.  You may recognize her from my DVDs.  She is a mother of 3 and constantly on the go, but always manages to squeeze in time for a workout with me at the gym!  Thanks Cheryl for your support!!!

Start this move by standing with your arms at your sides.

Lunge forward with your Right leg, and hands by your shoulders.

Now, holding your core tight, reach down towards the ground, touching it if you can, with your left hand.

Push off the front foot (Right) and bring yourself back up to standing, reaching your arms up overhead.

This move can increase in intensity with the following option….when you push off the front foot, bring your feet together with bent legs, and power yourself up–jumping and reaching towards the ceiling.

Repeat these 4 steps beginning with the Left foot lunging forward.

Alternate sides 10 time each side.  You should get your heart rate up and your legs will feel the burn.