Move of the Week 12.3.12

So excited to have Jami demonstrate this week.  Her sister was my “model” a couple weeks ago….they look very similar :).  She is a hard-working mother of 2 boys and has been a great supporter of mine.  You may also recognize her from the DVDs.  Thanks so much Jami!!

This is a great compound move for shoulders, back, and core.

Begin by grabbing a set of light weights and stand with arms down at your sides and palms facing forward.

Next, step back with your right leg, performing a reverse lunge while you lift your arms (palms up) in front of you to shoulder height.

Now, remaining low in your legs–pivot your body to the side and open your right arm to and open position.  You should be in a low turned out squat position.

Return to the previous position–low lunge and arms in front of you.

End back at your opening position.

Repeat this using your other leg.   Alternate sides so you do 10 reps on each leg.  Attempt 3 sets.  Feel free OTC combine this with a cardio/no weights move from a previous week between sets.