Move of the Week 3.4.13

I did this move of the week yesterday in my class and everyone seemed to love it…so I thought I’d share it with everyone ūüôā

This move will focus on your core, lats, back and shoulders.

Begin by siting either on a ball (as demonstrated), or on a chair/bench. ¬†Grab 1 heavy/medium weight in your right hand. ¬†Sit with your legs wide and place your left hand on the inside of your left thigh, closer to your knee than your hip. ¬†It’s very important that you engage your core muscles throughout this exercise. ¬†If you let them go, you will put undue pressure on your back.

Reach your right hand down towards your left heel.

Next, pull your arm back as if doing a Lat Pull.

Keeping that core engaged and relaxing the neck muscles, reach that arm on an upward diagonal glancing at your hand.

Here comes the hardest part….reach that arm forward, creating a 1/2 circle in front of you, moving diagonally returning to that left foot.

You are now back at the beginning.

Continue to do this 12-15 times on each arm.  Complete 3 sets.