Move of the Week 5.13.13

Move of the Week contest still up and running!  Be sure to submit yourself doing my move to win a copy of my new DVD coming out in June called “Exercise your Options!”  Simply email it to me at  Looking forward to your moves 🙂

Here is the video demonstration.  Below the link is the written description.

Move of the Week 5.13.13

This move of the week is a combination of cardio and strength.  You will need a bit of space, and since the weather is starting to warm up, this is a great move to do outside!

You will need to set up 2 marker points…you can use water bottles, rocks, towels, books, etc.  Place them on the ground just a couple feet from each other.  You are going to run back and forth between the 2 markers, touching the ground each time to you go.  Do this 10 times.

When you complete your round of running, drop to the ground and perform 10 push-ups.

Stand up and return to the running–if you don’t want to run, you can move quickly back and forth without the impact of running.

Go back and forth between the 2 exercises 3 times.  Rest and repeat 3 more times.