Move of the Week 8/20/12

So sorry for the absence of the “Move of the Week” last week.  I was on vacation 🙂  It rarely happens, so I was happy to get the chance to get away, but I’m truly sorry if you were missing your new move.

This week we’ll use the “Roundhouse Kick” to rev up your heart rate and get your abs and hips sculpted.

Begin by performing 1 squat and immediately blasting up into a roundhouse kick with your right leg.  Return to a squat position and do a roundhouse kick on the left leg.  (See photos for a breakdown of proper form for a Roundhouse kick.)

Next, squat and extend your right leg behind you as far as you can go and reach down towards the ground with your right hand.  Your left hand may stay on your left knee for added support.  Don’t forget to engage your core here.  Come back to a squat position and reach your left leg backwards in the same manner you did on the right side.

Repeat the squat roundhouse side to side alternating with the squat/reach back side to side.  Attempt 8 times through to complete 1 set.  Set a goal to do 3 sets.