Move of the Week 9.23.13

I’m back demonstrating the move of the week ūüôā ¬†This week you will need an elastic tubing. I love this piece of equipment because it’s so light and easy to transport and there are so many exercises you can do with it. ¬†This one focuses on your lower body, lats, and core. You will get a cardio boost with it as well! ¬†Below is a link to the video demonstration and I’ve written it out as well.

Move of the Week 9.23.13

Start by grabbing your tubing in the handles then inching your fingers closer together along the tubing to have a smaller piece–the closer your hands are together, the harder it will be.

Lift your arms overhead keeping your shoulders down and your neck relaxed.

Leave your Right Arm overhead as you pull the left arm down towards your left hip–at the same time, you are performing a reverse lunge with your Right leg. ¬†Feel the opposition and the obliques engage here to stabilize you.

Return to the starting position, and  then lift your Left knee as you pull Both arms straight out to the side, making the tubing hit the top of your chest.  Your lats are doing the work here and your core is tight.

That is 1 repetition.  Do those 2 moves 10 times.

Then, leave your arms overhead and lift your knees high (either high or low impact) for 10 seconds.

Start the first exercise again, using the opposite side–Left arm stays overhead as the Right arm pulls down to your hip while you do a reverse lunge with the Left leg.

Return to standing feet together and then lift your Right knee as you pull both arms out to the side bringing the tubing to the top of your chest.

Do this 10 times.

Then, for 10 seconds, do jumping jacks.

This completes 1 set.  Attempt at least 3 sets.