To do Tuesdays…

Mondays are “Move of the Week,” so I thought Tuesdays should have a purpose.

This summer I will make Tuesdays the day where I give you your weekly  “To Do” that will add/sneak in extra ways to get moving!

This week I challenge you to park your car in the furthest spot from your destination.  I’m not saying you need to change your clothes and work up a big sweat (although you may want to throw a pair of comfortable shoes in your car if you like to wear high heels).)  I simply am suggesting a way to get in some additional steps that add up throughout the day and can only be beneficial to your health, mood, and level of fitness.

Here are some examples:

If you are going to the gym, don’t circle the parking lot for 5 minutes waiting for someone to pull out of their close spot.  Park far–where no one is–and enjoy those extra steps to the door.

If you are going to a store to buy a gift or something…intentionally pick a place to park around the block or down the street.  When you are done shopping, take the long way back.   Go in the opposite direction and circle around back to your car.

If you are picking up your kids at school…park your car down the street and walk up to that crazy “drive through” line to fetch your children.  It will be a fun “walk and talk” back to the car!

Feel free to email me what you did this week and I will share it with everyone!

Have fun!!!