Update that’s Up to Date 5 Months in…

Have you ever envisioned a significant event, a vacation/trip or a career change to be going one way and it goes in a completely different direction?

What I have found with my journey on my road to recovery after this shoulder surgery is that nothing is predictable and it has all gone differently than how I laid it out in my mind.  What the surgeon and physical therapist have told me is “typical” for a patient with this surgery is opposite of what I have experienced, and so I have had to tackle the curveballs and obstacles as they come.  This has meant new therapeutic strategies as well as more time for rehab until I’m back to work.

What doesn’t change is the zeal with which I tackle them all.  YES, I have gotten frustrated and wanted to give up on the idea of every feeling better, feeling back to a strong and healthy person and, of course, back to teaching.  But then something happened in my life that has invigorated my tenacity to push through harder and battle these setbacks with a laser-focused mindset that I INDEED CAN and WILL get through this.

Currently, someone close to me is combating something that is stronger than their own willpower.  The lack of control is sad and disheartening for me and this person.  The inner strength it takes to overcome their situation is challenged in a way they never imagined and they are doubting their ability to win.

I have undertaken this individuals’ battle and paired it with mine.  I find myself doing my physical therapy exercises with my intention in addition to this person’s fight at the same time.  If I expect them to get through their struggle, then I need to be just as strong and determined to combat mine, and I’m going to do it for the both of us.  If I can role model this, maybe it will heal us both.

While I know I can’t fix another’s problem, I know I can’t give up mine and maybe the progress I make will give me more strength to assist them in recovering from theirs’.

As I push through my muscle pulls, spasms, weaknesses and mental blocks in my rehab I look to my friends and community who have supported me in the past to continue to support my journey and know I aim to return to my healthy and strong self and bring you all workouts once again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I hope to see you all soon.