Video Games

I have to say, I am one of “those moms” who is opposed to video games in the house.  The 2 main reasons I feel this way is because: 1.  I have found that it “takes away” the kids’ imagination–resorting to the games instead of being creative and playing things that stimulate their minds, and  2.  I think sitting and staring at a screen is very static and doesn’t get a child moving, which can develop into bad habits.

Well, that being said, due to some excessive pressure and convincing, seems like an Xbox 360 Kinect made it into my house this Holiday!!! OY!!

Needless to say….my son was over the moon excited.  While I implemented strict usage rules, he nodded and couldn’t wait to hook it up.

Now here is where I admit I was a bit wrong…..It’s actually great!

We only allow the “Kinect” games which force you to be up and off the couch, jumping, running, swinging your arms, dancing, squatting….all 3 kids are sweaty and exhausted and they are laughing and having fun.

It’s cold here in Chicago and we can’t run around outside playing catch, riding bikes, and doing other active things, so this is actually a great alternative–a great compromise.

I recommend it 🙂  Wow…never thought I’d say that!!!