Who’s Who

Meet the people backing up Dana in her videos!

Vince Piagentini
I reside in Highland Park with my wife, Alina, and our 5 year old son, Luca. I received my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I also earned my MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in 2010. I grew up playing soccer and I continued playing into my mid 30s until I had an ACL injury. I recovered from the injury to play another year but have since “retired” from competitive soccer. This has been, for the most part, my experience with fitness/health although from time to time I would start a fitness program (running) which would only last for 3 weeks at most. I really don’t like running unless a ball is involved but this has changed for me in the last two years. I became aware of TBC when there was a free class offered several years ago. I really enjoyed it but not until November of 2011 did I make it a part of my weekly routine. I try to make it twice a week if possible. Since I recommitted myself to exercising, I’ve lost 25 lbs by running a couple of days a week and participating in Dana’s TBC class. She’s a fantastic instructor, I thoroughly enjoy her class, I look forward to it, and not once have I ever left one of her classes disappointed (or not sore!).

Brad Cote
I am a fifty-something Information Technology consultant. I discovered Dana’s TBC workouts during my quest to lose 50 lbs and get my body fat below 20%. Dana’s workouts are an integral part of my regular workout routine that has enabled me to keep the lost weight off for over 6 years.

Jennifer Axelsen
I live in Lincolnshire, IL with my husband and two sons. My husband runs almost every day, enjoying marathons a few times per year. My sons play basketball, baseball, run track and cross country.

About two years ago, a friend took me as a guest to HPRC. I started taking Dana’s classes regularly (3 times/week), and wow, did I notice a difference in my muscle tone and weight management! Before that, I was primarily running. Slowly, I stopped running as it was not as effective or fun as the classes 🙂 Last November, I ran my first 5K in a few years and with zero “running training”, shaved about two minutes off of my best time ever, and came in second in my age group! The benefits of cross-training, like the high-intensity intervals from Dana’s instruction, are REAL.

The results have been great, and it’s always FUN, especially if you like music and dancing like I do. It’s like a party and exercise mashed into one!

Alisa Gilhooley Brown
I have been taking group exercise classes since the early 90s, when I followed my favorite instructors around Manhattan to get the best workout possible. Dana is now my favorite instructor (and sister). I credit Dana’s classes with helping me bounce back from a post-baby body at age 40!  I also also enjoy weightlifting, boxing and competitive 12″ softball. I am the founder of marketing consultancy Indestructible Concepts, Inc., mom to Lucas (4) and stepmom to Zach (11) and Danielle (15).

Wendy Siegel
I’m a 44 yr old mom of 3 boys, 14, 12 and 9. I never worked out a day in my life till I joined the HP rec center 5 yrs ago. I tried my first workout classes w/ Dana and I’ve been hooked and smiling ever since. Working out is my therapy– fight with husband,kids no problem, all better after a loud , sweaty workout class . Dana is the perfect mix of fun, hard, and most definitely motivating. Her enthusiasm and music and her amazing body make me want to work hard!

Michelle Newman
I’m a mother of two and high school science teacher. In a typical week you can find me either running outdoors or in various strength and conditioning classes at the gym. Although I have been active my whole life, I find Dana’s workouts to be the most fun and effective. As a working mother I realize I don’t have a ton of time and that is why I love Dana’s Quick Fix, I’ve seen real results real fast!

Bill Price 
Back in 2005, I was introduced to Dana Pieper and her interpretation of a cardio-workout class. Immediately, I was captivated and enchanted.  Dana’s continuous movements, in symmetry with her music driven isometric actions, take the participant to the limit without damaging the body’s soft tissues or the human spirit.

Next, her transition to the use of light and heavy weights, really spoke to my internal drive, as a former ex-college athlete. I must add that one of the most enduring attractions about attending a Dana class, is when you look around a large pack gymnasium and see people of all different abilities and body type sizes participating.

Today, I am nursing a body that peaked too early in life; but I am able to modify down to a comfortable level in her upbeat, mentally motivating workouts.  I would recommend her workouts to all, that have the ability to put on a pair of gym shoes and a comfortable outfit!  I often try to reschedule my daily career around  Dana’s classes…

Jami Schmidt
I am 37 years old and in the past 18 months have lost 90 pounds.  After my first 40 pounds, I decided to bring exercise into my new lifestyle. My first exercise ever was Dana’s TBC class. When I first started I could barely get through the class.  Dana kept me motivated and kept pushing me in a positive way,  and I slowly but surely got better and better each week that went by.  What I love the most about Dana’s classes are that they are challenging and never boring.  She always changes things up and keeps things fun! Dana’s positive attitude makes people believe they can do it and want to succeed.  Dana’s classes make me challenge my body both physically and mentally. I will never forget starting my fitness journey 90 pounds ago in Dana Pieper’s class and am so grateful to her!

Abby Solomon 
I am a mother of 2 and 36 years old. Have lost about 15 lb in the last year due to changing my eating habits and adding in Dana’s EveryBody Fitness classes. I love Quick Fix, but my favorite workout is TBC which I try to do twice a week. I love the mix of cardio and weights, the hour goes by so fast!  I plan to continue to lose more weight and hope to continue toning up with Dana’s  Every Body Fitness workouts.

Jamie Lens
I am a physical therapist and enjoy working out. I have been doing Dana’s workouts over the past 8 years. I feel like, especially in my line of work, it is important to be physically fit. More importantly,I tell my patients to find something they can do that they enjoy and have fun doing. This is why Dana has so many followers, she makes her classes fun as she kicks your butt!!

Kim Horberg
I’m in my 40s and have 3 teenagers and a pre-teen as well.  Working out is an essential part of my life to stay sane and be a healthy role model for my children.  I recently had a difficult setback as I suffered an injury and had to have back surgery.  I couldn’t wait to get back to working out.  Dana’s workouts are an integral part of my active and healthy lifestyle and routine.  She makes me feel good and motivates me to listen to my body so I can continue to live my active life that is so important to me.  She has given me the ability to push through my tough times–I can’t live without my Dana workouts 🙂

Michelle Richter
I am a 42 year old mother of 3.  I met Dana after I had my twins and was eager to get back to working out.  I had taught cardio kickboxing prior to motherhood and was anxious about returning to the gym.  We quickly became great friends and in no time she encouraged me to take her class to build my confidence and return to teaching.  Fitness is my passion and thus a way of life. Thanks to her, I got back into shape started to teach again. I have found that fitness is my therapy. It re-energizes me and gives me a place to release my stress. My motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard and Sweat Even Harder.”

Lisa Zimberoff
I am a 42 year old mother of 3.  I have been an avid runner for years, doing triathlons, marathons, half marathons, and 10k’s…basically anything I could compete in as a runner, I was doing it. All my children are very active and we make it a part of our healthy family lifestyle.  You can catch us rollerblading to Starbucks on Sunday mornings, or catch us at the hockey rink or soccer field at any given time of the year.   I met Dana when her triplets and my twins were in the same preschool class.  We became fast friends.  I was intrigued about what she told me about her classes.  Having never taken a group exercise class, I was convinced it was not for me.  I decided to give it a try and I was immediately hooked.  It built my stamina and my running times soared.  I recommend her workouts to anyone and everyone.  I couldn’t be a bigger supporter!!

Anelena Peters

I am a Lawyer, born and raised in Costa Rica, who dedicates my time to motherhood and fitness. Early on I explored  ballet and modern dance but running has been a constant in my life. My husband Jurgen is an avid soccer player, while my 15 year old daughter, Ari, and I run together frequently.  My twins Emma and Alec, were class mates with Dana’s triplets and responsible for our paths crossing. We became close friends since then.

Total body conditioning introduced me to toning with weights, which was totally new for me. Knowing Dana has been really enriching for me, not only by improving and enhancing my life on a personal level but in the physical experience of achieving my goals as well.